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A Mother’s Journey: Toys and education

By Ana Niculae February 19, 2021

How toys can help your children learn in a fun way.

In a world full of entertainment, kids are easily distracted. So how can we educate children, but still have fun? In this article I am going to talk about a spectrum of toys that will help your children to learn in a fun way!

The first kind of toy I am going to talk about are folklore toys. Now you might be wondering what folklore toys are. They are actually just normal toys. However, these toys have not been used for ages and are tied together with the culture or country from where they come from. The idea behind these kinds of toys is that you learn about the history of the culture. A famous example of a folklore toy are the Russian dolls. Another example of folklore toys are plushies. For example, every country has a famous mascot, product, animal that is very popular and represents that country. For Australia, that can be a koala, for Canada that can be a goose. When entering the country, already at the airport, you might see these plushies everywhere and a child can ask, why do I see these plushies everywhere? A simple question can lead to more knowledge about the country you are staying in. 

Credit: Designed by studiogstock 

The second kind of toy I am going to talk about are toys that have augmented reality. First, what is augmented reality? It is an interactive experience but in the real world. For example, pointing your phone camera in the sky and suddenly you see a pirate ship floating through the sky. You are probably wondering how augmented reality can help children learn something? Nowadays, there are many toy options with augmented reality. A famous example is Shifu Orboot. This toy globe is for children who want to learn about the world, different cultures, food, languages and more. You pick a country and point your phone to it and the app will tell you everything. Of course, this is only one example, there are many other toy examples. By having different senses triggered, children are more eager to learn, but still in a fun way. 

A third example of toys and education, is the result of learning new languages. There are many ways how toys can help children with the development of learning a new language. The first example is the actual toy itself. There are many toys nowadays that can teach children a new language. These toys can exist by just having the words written on the toy itself. Or the toy speaks in a different language. Studies have shown that interactive toys are the best way to teach children a new language. The reason behind this is that children are learning without them intentionally knowing that they are learning. It has also been proved that children learn a language faster than when they are older. That is why there are many different ways to learn a language nowadays. It is also encouraged to learn a different language, since this will be beneficial for your skills, as well for your future. 

In conclusion, there are many toys that can help your children learn in a fun way. Nowadays, there are many different toys on the market and  there are options for everybody to their liking. So why not engage your children with toys and learn something at the same time? Everybody wins.


Educational magic toys developed with augmented reality technology for early childhood education by Rabia M. Yilmaz

The formation of preschool child personality by folk toys by Svitlana Lozynska and Oksana Sasyk

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