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Meet Fireboy!

By Kancer Gokirmak August 23, 2019

We believe you must have heard about the new game series Fireboy & Watergirl. It is a fun two player game that requires the player to solve puzzles while on breath taking adventures. The game’s characters, Fireboy and Watergirl need the player’s help to find a way out of various platforms filled with puzzles, traps and valuable loots.

Fireboy is the burning member of this charismatic duo. He is made of pure fire, and he has control over this element. He has flaming hair and alluring burnt orange color. He is the hot-headed one of this duo. He can get angry pretty easily but he has a golden heart. He may seem aggressive at first, but he has compassion for every creature. He is a kind soul. His fiery looks imply his power: He can destroy small planets with ease. That is why he is a tough hero that bad guys don’t want to mess with.

Fireboy was born in the great volcano of Tamu Massif. He is a member of the fire realm royalty. His father is the mighty and powerful king of all fire on the earth. His mother is an elegant and strong queen who has a great love for her subjects.

Fireboy has spent his childhood in the beautiful island where Tamu Massif is located. He would jump in and out of this massive volcano, go on hikes and little adventures. While growing up, he was taught diplomacy, history, the art of war along with fine arts. Also, he was taught how to fight by the greatest fighters. As the eldest son of the glorious Fire King, he was meant to be the next ruler of the fire realm. That is why his family paid the utmost attention to his education. As a result, Fireboy is a powerful, intellectual and brave hero that can go above and beyond for his people.

The beautiful island and the breathtaking volcano that Fireboy grew up in the house the majority of the fire people. The legend says that only the fire people and true friends of the fire people can find this island and see the fire people.

Our hero Fireboy had a beautiful, fulfilling life up until the dark days. He would travel around, spend time with his friends, learn how to be a just ruler, and help those fire people in need. As our hero was growing up though, something on the Earth has changed. The balance of this beautiful planet was gone suddenly. One day the home of fire people would erupt, but the next day all the magma in there would dry up. Fire people were scared and confused whereas nature was getting hurt by this chaos.

It was during these dark times, our brave hero Fireboy decided to do something to help his people. He wanted to find and eliminate the source of this imbalance. That is why he embarked on a journey during which he met his companion, partner and best friend, Watergirl.

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