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Why Should We Let Kids Choose What They Wear

By Kancer Gokirmak September 10, 2019

If you are a parent, you must know the struggle to convince a 3 year-old that they cannot wear their favorite shorts when it is snowing outside.

If your child has become rather opinionated about their clothes, you might be worried and probably tired. But you must be happy because this is a sign that your child is growing up and as a result, they want to make their own choices about their wardrobe. Especially when they are in the preschool age, children want to feel freer. They want to make their own choices, pick their own clothes and test the limits of their independence. As they grow older, their stubbornness in regards to their independence gets bigger and bolder. And when they reach the puberty, they become the most persistent versions of themselves and they need more space than ever.

According to the pediatricians, you must allow your child to experience their individuality in a healthy way. In accordance with their age, kids need to feel that they have the freedom to make decisions that affect their daily lives. This way, they learn how to make better and more informed decisions when they need to. In a sense, they start learning how to be a fully functioning adult one step at a time.

Many psychologists and pediatricians suggest that you must deal with the tantrums of your children in a wiser manner. When your 3 year-old insists on wearing what they want, you must provide them with weather appropriate alternatives instead of making them wear something you choose from their wardrobe. After all, it doesn’t matter if they wore their blue sweater or the green one as long as they are wearing a sweater that protects them from the cold. Give your child the opportunity to make decisions on topics that don’t actually have a big impact on their daily life and/or safety.

 Next time it is time to dress your kid, you can put some sweaters and pants on their bed and ask them to choose what they want to wear. This way, your morning routines will become much smoother and your child will learn how to make decisions. Moreover, letting kids wear what they want helps their cognitive development and confidence.

 Many pediatricians argue that children develop their taste at a very early age. They can have strong opinions on which food they like to eat, which color they prefer to wear, which shoe they want to get. It is okay to allow your daughter to wear sparkly dresses every day as long as she wears weather and age-appropriate clothes. It is very important to show your child that you respect them as an individual and you take their taste into consideration.

Your kid might want to only wear clothes that have their favorite cartoon character on it. Or they might go through a princess phase during which they only want to wear fancy dresses and glittery accessories. Experts say that it has utmost importance that you allow your children to wear things that they want to wear. Yet you must consider the quality and safety of the clothing items you let your children wear.

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